Loves to spend time at the pool

Destiney (9160)

Look at Destiney go! This enthusiastic girl is in gymnastics, and is proud to report that she can do the splits. Recently, she won a creative drawing contest at school. But where she really likes to be is in the swimming pool, and if her adoptive family has one, she is ready to jump in!

What others like best about Destiney is how she is helpful, funny, and friendly. She is naturally creative, and quite athletic, and is willing to try all sorts of new activities. With a supportive family, Destiney could thrive, and is ready for a new adventure.

Destiney needs a dedicated family where she can be the only child so the parents are ready to cheer her on and spend one-on-one time with her. She needs parents who understand the effects of trauma on a child’s behavior, and will show her unconditional love. Most of all, Destiney needs a stable family that will keep her safe. Parents will need to have clear expectations, and a structured environment in the home.

Destiney would like a family that has a mom and a dad who are funny and creative, and – if possible – have a swimming pool.

Clark County

Birthday: December 2007

Child ID: 9160

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