Stylish, creative and hoping for a family

Desirae (9296)

Desirae is an artistic girl who uses her artwork to help express her feelings! She’s an accomplished painter and picks each color with great care because they represent how she feels. She’ll try just about anything art-related whether it’s drawing, coloring, or doing crafts! Lately Desirae has also been interested in anime; she’s a big fan of K-Pop music and all things Japanese. 

Desirae does well in school and her favorite class is definitely math! She finds it the most interesting and it’s never boring; she loves figuring out how all the numbers work together to create something new. If she could share three things with you, she would want you to know that she’s nice, she’s a good singer, and she’s very fashionable. If you ask Desirae what she’s most proud of, she’ll tell you that she’s proud of herself for having hope and faith of finding an adoptive family!

Desirae would do best in a two-parent home and would love a family that comes with brothers or sisters. She will thrive in an environment of patience with parents who take time to listen and communicate, and put in an effort to understand what Desirae needs. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Marion County

Birthday: October 2008

Child ID: 9296

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