Active outdoorsman with 007's flair

Dayton (9131)

Are you cool? Because Dayton is cool…like, really cool. Dayton is a loving and friendly young man who enjoys making people laugh! His sense of humor shows in nearly everything, and he always tries to keep things lighthearted. Dayton makes friends easily with his open and warm demeanor.

He loves to be outdoors and he’ll jump at the chance to spend the day out fishing and enjoying the wild! Dayton finds activities like that very relaxing. In school, he is getting more involved in sports and has played football and wrestling; he’s always happiest when he’s doing something active! Dayton’s insightful enough to know that being physically active is great for a person’s mental health!

Dayton would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent home and would do best as the only child (or if there are other children he should be the youngest). He will thrive with parents who are good communicators; it will be important for him to continue to build his own interpersonal skills with strong communication. Team sports have been helpful in this regard; he should be encouraged to continue participating in activities where cooperation and communication are the name of the game.

It’s important to Dayton that he feels included in the decision-making process, and that he’s not treated like a child. He doesn’t respond well to aggression or yelling (who would?!). Treat him like a young adult and you’ll find that he easily course-corrects.

School and sport activities are important to Dayton, and he would appreciate parents who will support him and attend games to cheer him on. His dream for years has been to go to college to study software development — and what is cooler than that?

Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children. (9131) Ripley

Ripley County

Birthday: 9/19/05

Child ID: 9131

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