Sisters with big plans to change the world

Davionna & Za'Niyah (9068AB)

Davionna (1/3/11)

  • The more time around books, the better for this girl!
  • A self-described “girly girl”
  • Enjoys ballet and gymnastics
  • Her favorite color? She can’t decide, so she’ll just go with “rainbow”!

Za'Niyah (11/2/12)

  • Can often be caught singing and dancing to “Old Town Road”
  • Her favorite activities are making snow angels and snowmen in the winter, and playing basketball and riding bikes in the summer!
  • Enjoys channeling her artistic spirit by drawing, painting, and coloring

These two sisters have big plans, and the determination to achieve their dreams! Both want to help people when they grow up — Davionna wants to be either a doctor or a nurse, and Za’Niyah’s goal is to be a firefighter.

They are both curious about the world, and eager to learn. Davionna does well in school, and has even been known to ask for extra homework! One of her favorite things to do is go to the library — she could spend the whole day there. Her younger sister chimes in to announce that she also wants to “learn everything!”

Both are active kids, although Davionna describes herself liking activities like ballet, while Za’Niyah prefers to be outside running around outside, even if it’s cold! 

Davionna and Za’Niyah would do well in either a one-parent home with support or a two-parent home. They would be happy with brothers or sisters in a forever home, but these two should be the youngest so they can get plenty of attention. They thrive with structure and reliability and parents who make communication a priority. Davionna and Za’Niyah hope for a family that does activities together like playing in the backyard or going out into the community. Church is important to them and they’d like to keep attending. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children. (9068ABMN) Allen County

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