Seeking an outdoorsy family with a dog

David (8791)

David is a polite, funny, and helpful young man. Some of David’s interests are video games, the outdoors, sports, and building computers. Basketball and baseball are the sports David enjoys the most. At one particular baseball game, David is proud that he got the game ball! His favorite baseball team is the Chicago Cubs, and his favorite basketball player is LeBron James. David enjoys swimming, camping, and hiking. If David could have one wish, it would be to find a family. He hopes to have a mom and a dad who will help him through life. It is important to him that an adoptive family is a good match.

David would do best in a two-parent home where he is the youngest child. An adoptive family should keep clear boundaries, and be committed to David. He wants a mother and father, and would like for one of the parents to have previously been in the military. David wants a nice family that enjoys the outdoors, and shares his same interests. He would like a dog, specifically a husky. It is important that David has a family who understands how trauma can affect a child throughout their life. (8791BD) Jennings County

Jennings County

Birthday: 2/12/05

Child ID: 8791

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