Two loving, sports-minded brothers

DaVante & DelRico (9137AB)

DaVante is an energetic and independent child who is always up for a good conversation! It might take a while to get a smile from him, but under that serious demeanor is a loving kid who gets along with others easily and likes to finish any projects he starts. Follow-through is important to DaVante, and he prides himself on completing assignments and tasks to the best of his ability. He does well in school and gets along with his peers, and is really proud of himself for working hard to improve his math skills. If the weather is nice, you can usually find DaVante, who loves sports, outside playing with his brother. Otherwise, you’re likely to find him playing video games or thinking about what he wants his next fashionable hairstyle to be.

DelRico is one of the most positive and loving kids you’ll ever meet! He is kind and engaging, and enjoys meeting new people. He’s a child with a lot of energy, and like his older brother, he loves to be playing sports. Recently DelRico has taken an interest in baseball and basketball, and he’s really having fun being part of the local youth baseball league. DelRico has been working hard in school, and his perseverance is paying off, especially in reading, where he’s making great progress. If there’s an adventure to be had or something new to learn, count DelRico in!

DaVante and DelRico would do well in either a single-parent family with supports or a two-parent household. They are currently placed together and being recruited for as a sibling group; the boys hope for an adoptive family that understands their bond and will adopt them together. DaVante and DelRico will thrive with parents who are understanding and patient, and can offer a stable, secure home environment. Because both boys are energetic and sports-minded, an active family would be ideal. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on a child.

Vanderburgh County

Birthday: 11/29/07, 03/10/09

Child ID: 9137AB

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