Wants a young family who likes church and sports

Dathon (8815)

Dathon is a healthy, athletic teenager who loves playing sports and spending time with his friends. Although he’s played on a baseball team and even made it onto the All-Star team, Dathon enjoys playing basketball more, and would like to try out for the team next year. He would love to have a family who will attend his games and cheer him on – and if he could be anything, he’d want to be a point guard in the NBA! If that doesn’t work out, Dathon’s other dream is to become a pastor – his Christian faith is very important to him and has sustained him in difficult times. He was recently baptized and is an active member of his church youth group; it is important to him that his adoptive family supports his decision to participate in his faith.

Dathon needs a supportive home with parents who will believe in him and always “be in his corner.” He desperately wants a family that will see him for more than his past. Prospective parents should understand that it may take a while to earn Dathon’s trust, but he is eager for a family that is patient, relatable, and understanding. He would like a peaceful home where parents manage their conflict without resorting to arguing, and can model good communication skills for him. Dathon has asked for a mom and a dad, but would also do well in a single-parent home. He needs to be the only child in the home, or the youngest by several years, so that he can receive the attention and support that he deserves.

Because he loves being active, Dathon is hopeful to join a young, active family that enjoys sports. He’s also said that he would love to be part of a family that takes vacations, as the farthest he has ever traveled is Kentucky – and he would love to see more parts of the country, especially the beach. It’s an added bonus if the family has a dog – but really all Dathon wants is for a family that will give him a chance. Prospective families must be knowledgeable about trauma-informed care and understand how trauma can affect a child throughout their life. 

Monroe County

Birthday: 5/22/04

Child ID: 8815

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