A sporty guy who loves to cook

Darius (8393)

Darius is a sporty guy who has recently discovered the joy of cooking! He loves sports – especially football and soccer – but he’s usually pretty happy to be outside playing anything. On Sundays, though, he’d rather be inside watching some football – especially the Carolina Panthers. (In his opinion, Cam Newton is the best player in the league.)

Darius has been learning how to cook, and if you’re lucky he’ll make you some of his world-famous shrimp and grits. Darius likes dogs and would love to have a forever home with one, but he’s not comfortable around cats. He’s getting more into the outdoors and traveling and hopes to get to do more fishing, camping, and hunting with a forever family. He even thinks he might like to take another cruise someday! (8393A) Jefferson County

Darius's Family

  • Darius would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent home, but would do best if at least one of the parents is male.
  • He will thrive with a strong male role model who is willing to play sports and take him on outdoor adventures.
  • He should be the only child in the home, but if there are other children they need to be several years older than Darius.
  • His ethnic heritage is important so he would do best in a diverse community.
  • Families should be willing to advocate for any educational needs he may have, and understand the impact trauma can have on children.

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Jefferson County

Birthday: 8/10/05

Child ID: 8393A

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