Problem-solver with a lot of love to give

Daniel (9158)

Daniel is always up for a challenge. He is a problem solver, and likes to understand how things work. Daniel loves good stories, like his favorites Harry Potter, Star Wars, and all the Marvel comics. Daniel has developed a talent for drawing, and he thinks creatively.

But, Daniel is not just all art and games: he’s also a big outdoorsman, and likes to ride 4-wheelers and dirt bikes, and play paintball. He could spend the day in the woods hiking to a campsite, and then going fishing.

While he adores all animals, Daniel would be thrilled to have a pet cat someday, and he wants to be a veterinarian!

Daniel needs a committed, loving family that will take an active role in guiding him through life. The ideal parents will be flexible, understanding, and patient with Daniel and his behaviors. To understand this, it is important that potential parents have experience with or are educated on how trauma can affect a child’s behavior.

If there are other children in the home, it would be best if they were male. Daniel will need encouragement and support from parents to explore new activities, and they will need to be able to come alongside Daniel in these endeavors. A strong male role model would be good for Daniel, especially if that person liked animals and video games as much as Daniel does.

Wabash County

Birthday: January 2006

Child ID: 9158

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