Future horticulturist

Daniel (8641)

Daniel is a charming, lovable boy with a big imagination! He enjoys listening to audio books and doing science experiments, especially if they involve plants. He loves being able to grow and cultivate his own plants around the house! Daniel’s love of nature keeps him outside a lot — he’s always up for having fun on the playground or getting to swim.

His favorite toys are his cars, trucks, and trains that he loves to drive around. In fact, if he had three wishes Daniel would ask to drive a car, to be able to build his very own car, and to have a phone. To relax, Daniel likes to listen to country music or watch Paw Patrol and sit in a comfy chair while he knits.

Daniel would do well in either a one-parent home with support or a two-parent home, and has said that he would prefer to have a mom and dad. He gets along with other children and would enjoy some older brothers and sisters. But since he loves attention, Daniel needs to be the youngest child in the home. Daniel adores animals, so he would really like a home with pets, but he does get enthusiastic so he needs to be supervised. He does best when put into an environment with structure and routine. Daniel has thrived when he has done either online learning or homeschooling. (8641) Marshall County

Marshall County

Birthday: May 2008

Child ID: 8641

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