Enjoys the garden

D'Andre (9605)

D’Andre is a bright kid who comes out of his shell more and more every day! He’s getting more into sports all the time and likes to head outside to work on his dribbling skills in the driveway or run out to the nearest park to play some baseball, football, or soccer! He likes to draw different Pokemon characters so he hopes for his own phone at some point so he can patrol the neighborhood catching them all on Pokemon Go.

He’s not afraid of some hard work so he likes to help out around the house whenever it’s needed! He’s great at running the trash and recycling out to the curb each week and he’s becoming an expert in lawn care. He enjoys helping run the lawn mower or picking up the yard! When he’s done with his chores, he likes to hang out inside watching basketball or whatever cool cartoons are on!

D’Andre would do well in either a one-parent home with support or a two-parent home and would prefer a forever home that came with at least one male. He would love a forever family that came with a sibling his are or maybe a bit older so he has a buddy to play with regularly. Parents who encourage him to be active are ideal. He will thrive with parents who make education a priority. He does best with structure and routine that don’t change day to day.

Knox County

Birthday: June 2014

Child ID: 9605

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