Fun boy who enjoys being outdoors

Damon (8249B)

Damon is a fun boy to be around! He enjoys staying active, especially in the summertime when he gets to swim and enjoy the outdoors. Damon is sweet and peaceful, and often happy to spend time on his tablet or watch Disney movies. Damon has a great smile that can light up a room. He gets along well with younger children, and loves to laugh! Damon likes to spend time with animals as well.

Damon would do best in a family that has experience with medically fragile children. He would do well in a home that can provide safety, stability, and structure. It would be beneficial for Damon to have parents who can stay emotionally regulated and role model dealing with their emotions in a healthful manner. Parents will need to be consistent in tending to Damon’s medical and emotional needs. Damon will need plenty of supervision and assistance in a home, so parents who are patient and nurturing would be beneficial for him. It is important that potential parents have a healthy support system. (8249BHC) Wells County

Wells County

Birthday: 5/14/03

Child ID: 8249B

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