Lively teenager who wants a family she can trust

Damiana "Sam" (9173)

Rambunctious and resilient, Damiana – who prefers Sam – is all teenager, all girl, and about her friendships! She loves to be hanging out with friends; if they’re not around, she’s probably on the phone with them, laughing about the latest TikTok or chatting about their day at school. She thrives on strong peer connections, and works hard to cultivate strong friendships.

Like all teenagers, she wants to be perceived as grown-up, but once she’s comfortable around you, Sam will let her silly-kid side come out! Sam certainly has a fun personality – just watch her around her closest friends, and you’ll quickly see that joking around is the name of the game for this social teen.  

When you first meet Sam, she’ll probably be reserved and a little guarded. But once she feels like she can trust you, she’s all-in invested and lets her big personality shine through. She’ll tell you all about how she wants to take a road trip across the country to California, or maybe Canada, and how she thinks she might want to be a teacher when she’s older. She recently discovered that she enjoys soccer and basketball – but with a natural love of music, it’s no surprise that she’s also drawn toward singing in choir. There’s no doubt about it: Sam will keep you on your toes, on the field, the court, or the stage!

Remember when you were a teenager and wanted laid-back, go-with-the-flow kind of parents who took teenage behaviors in stride? Well, that’s Sam. She may test you before she trusts you, because she’s looking for consistent reassurance that the people in her life are going to stick around through thick and thin. A family will need to demonstrate its commitment to Sam before talking about adoption, so that she does not feel pressured. Because relationships are so important to Sam, a family should understand how important her siblings are and be willing to encourage an ongoing connection with them. Parents should be prepared to focus on building a strong bond with Sam while she heals from past broken relationships. Only after that will she be able to look forward to her road-tripping future as a permanent part of a family. (9173) Perry County

Perry County

Birthday: 8/11/07

Child ID: 9173

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