Indianapolis Colts fan with desire to travel

Dallas (8264A)

Dallas is a friendly, smart, and sweet boy who likes to read and play video games. He plays a lot of sports and especially enjoys football. His favorite position to play is quarterback. His favorite teams are the Indiana Pacers and the Indianapolis Colts. Dallas really likes superheroes, especially Batman, and to build with LEGOs. He enjoys reading and he hopes to go to Mexico someday to learn about the culture and enjoy the food. It is important to Dallas to find a family he can “stay with forever” that is “nice and friendly” and takes family vacations. He wants any potential parents to know that he is friendly!

Dallas needs a family that can provide love, attention, support, and supervision. He needs one or two parents who can advocate for his emotional well-being. He does well with male caregivers, so it would be best if there were a strong male role model in the family. He would do best as the youngest or only child in a home. Dallas needs a lot of reassurance that he is loved and cared for. (8264AHC) Delaware County

Delaware County

Birthday: 8/8/05

Child ID: 8264A

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