Wants to be outside all day

Dakota (9575)

Dakota is smart and observant, he loves learning new things! His favorite thing to do is playing outside hunting for bugs and snakes! He loves all sorts of creatures but he’ll happily tell you bugs and snakes are his favorites. He wants to know everything he can about the natural world outside!

He likes to build things whether it’s with his big collection of Legos or giant worlds in Minecraft! It’s a great way for him to show off his creativity. Dakota is great with anything that lets him figure something out or discover the best way to put it together!

Dakota would do best in a one-parent home with support or a two-parent home and would love a forever family that came with siblings, he would especially love a younger brother for whom he could set a great example. He adores animals and hopes for a family that loves pets just as much as he does. He would enjoy a family that lives on a farm so he can be outside or with animals more often. He has a sister with whom he will need to stay in contact.

Lake County

Birthday: October 2013

Child ID: 9575

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