Enjoys drawing and making people laugh

Cullen (9286)

Cullen is an intelligent and observant young man who loves to make people laugh! He’s always quick with a joke and likes to tease the people he loves. He’s a huge video game fan: he’ll play just about anything you put in front of him! Cullen has discovered that he also really likes drawing, and that it helps him relax and focus after a long day. Although he’d rather be outside playing than studying (like most kids!), Cullen is quick to name science and math as his favorite subjects. 

Cullen hopes to live in the country so he’s got plenty of space to run around or maybe put up a basketball hoop so he can practice his jump shots! He’s not sure what he wants to do with his life yet — right now, he’s enjoying being a kid — but with the right guidance we know Cullen will find his perfect path! He works hard to please others, and is eager to be loved and accepted by a forever family. It is important to Cullen that he is able to keep in contact with his younger brother, who has been adopted by another family. 

Cullen would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent home and would do best with a male role model. Single-parent female-led homes will be considered, but it would be preferred if they have males around to be an active part of Cullen’s life.

He would do best as an only child so he gets lots of attention; if there are other children they need to be older by at least a few years. Any older children should also be able to serve as strong role models for Cullen. Cullen will thrive in an environment of consistency and structure. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Henry County

Birthday: July 2007

Child ID: 9286

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