Dependable, natural born leader

Chyann (9191)

Chyann is a natural born leader, who describes herself as smart and friendly! Whether she’s doing some extracurricular activities or just hanging out with friends, everyone who knows her looks to Chyann as a person in charge. Life’s an adventure with Chyann, and she wants to lead the way! She likes to spend time outdoors, climbing rocks and going on nature walks for fun. Her dream is to go visit the mountains and go on a long hike.

Chyann loves to help! She is very dependable and is always one of the first people to help offer with chores. To burn off some energy, she enjoys taking time out of her afternoon to sing some songs or dance around the house! She wants people to know that she likes to play her music loud! But, if you ask nicely, Chyann will help you cook, as she likes to practice making her favorite recipes. When she’s older, Chyann thinks she would like to be a pastry chef!

Chyann would do well in either a one-parent home with support or two-parent home and needs a strong female role model to help her reach her full potential. She would be happy to find a forever home with siblings, but would prefer them to be younger. Chyann would love to be a great big sister!

It would be best for Chyann to have a family that can show lots of patience and who are willing to put the time in to help her feel safe and secure. If there are other children in the adoptive home, it would be best if they were more independent than her, as Chyann will require more time and attention. Parents need to be informed on the effects trauma can have on children, and will need to be strategic in finding ways to develop a healthy connection with Chyann.

Marion County

Birthday: 6/19/06

Child ID: 9191

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