An athlete and a scholar

Christopher & Alexander (8906 & 8998)

Christopher is an introverted boy who doesn’t mind spending his day reading! Reading is his best subject in school, and he works hard to improve in all other areas. He likes different parts of school like math and the computer lab — they really let him use his brain! He’s pretty shy and quiet when you first get to meet him, but if you show patience he’ll reward you with some conversation. He may talk about his favorite TV shows or his love of basketball — Christopher is always up for getting outside and shooting hoops!

Alexander is an active young boy who gets along easily with those around him. He can take a little time to warm up to you, but once he does he’s very outgoing. He makes friends easily and plays well with others. He loves having someone to talk to! Alexander likes staying active and enjoys playing football and basketball. When it’s dinner time, he’ll finish just about anything you put in front of him — he’s not a picky eater at all! He would appreciate it, though, if you kept pickles far away from him. He does well in school and those who know him say the best way to describe him is as a free-spirit.

Christopher and Alexander would do best in a two-parent home — they want a “good mom and dad” and would thrive with a positive male role model in their lives. The ideal home would be one that came with a big family, but no cats (the boys are not fans of felines). They need a home with consistent structure and rules, with follow-through for rewards and consequences. A home that provides stability and parents who are good at communication is ideal. They will need encouragement and support in school and out in the community. Parents should be willing to make education a priority.

Vanderburgh County

Birthdays: April 2011, March 2012

Child ID: 8906, 8998

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