Affectionate boy who helps others in need

Charlie (9184)

Charlie is a fun guy who loves the outdoors! He’s always happiest when the weather is nice and he gets to run around outside climbing trees, or playing football with his friends. He’s been able to attend summer camp a few times and he’s loved every minute of it! Charlie loves all the different activities and fun stuff he gets to do there, and he can’t wait to go back.

Other things Charlie likes to do are play video games, ride his bike, and watch YouTube. He is very kindhearted and always makes sure the people he loves know just how much they mean to him.


When he thinks about his future adoptive family, Charlie would like a mom and a dad who will spend time with him. It would be really cool if he could have a Husky or a German Shepherd. He would be thrilled to go on vacation in Florida, and enjoy the warm weather and relax as a family!

Charlie would do well in in two-parent family where there are no other children, as he needs a great deal of attention. He would do well with parents who are patient, and take the time to help him work through difficulties. Earning Charlie’s trust could be a slow process, and he will benefit from having routine, structure, and clear expectations. He’s a loving and affectionate boy, and will thrive with parents who will give him hugs, play games, as well as take an interest in his hobbies. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

St. Joseph County

Birthday: January 2009

Child ID: 9184

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