Quick to encourage others

Charles (8521B)

How many teens do you know who would describe themselves as wise and thoughtful? Well, that’s Charles to a T! A self-described “people person,” he makes friends easily and is quick to encourage those he cares about. He is always looking out for others, and takes special pride in being a good older brother when he visits with his siblings.

While Charles likes to skateboard or do flips on the trampoline, he is more of an indoor kid, and likes to play video games, build LEGOs, or watch videos on YouTube. Going to see a movie is one of his favorite things to do. He’s a pretty down-to-earth kid with a good heart — and although life has brought some challenges, Charles is quick to acknowledge, “I’ve got a good life.”

Charles needs a family that will recognize and honor his strengths. When he trusts his parents and feels understood, Charles really thrives. He needs a home that can provide equal parts of structure, supervision, and routine along with nurturing and encouragement. The adoptive family will need to make a strong commitment to keeping Charles connected to his biological siblings, as this is an essential connection for him and should not be discounted. Charles’s cultural and racial heritage are very important to him, and he has expressed a strong desire to be adopted by an African-American family. An adoptive family must commit to understanding trauma and how it impacts behavior, and be willing to put in the hard work of helping a child heal.

Marion County

Birthday: October 2006

Child ID: 8521B

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