Charming, friendly, and adventurous

Chance (8830B)

“Rich and blessed.” That’s the way Chance describes himself! Chance is a charming, adventurous boy with a magnetic personality who enjoys skateboarding and playing basketball. This energetic kid loves sports, so it’s no surprise that his favorite class in school is P.E.

Being outside is where Chance likes to be. Because he’s outside so much, Chance says “The whole neighborhood knows me!” When he wants to relax, Chance likes to play video games or watch YouTube videos. His favorite foods are snacks: Chance loves sour cream and onion chips! Chance likes to lend a helping hand around the house, and is proud that he’s been given the responsibility of taking care of his foster family’s dogs. Chance would very much like to be adopted, and if possible, wishes to be placed in an African-American family.

Chance will do best in a family where there is predictability, structure, and routine. He will thrive with an active family that encourages participation in sports and extracurriculars. Chance has a brother with whom he is close, and would like to remain in contact with. He would do best in a family where he can receive plenty of one-on-one attention. It is important that potential families understand how trauma can affect a child.

Marion County

Birthday: December 2009

Child ID: 8830B

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