Baseball All Star

Chace (9670)

Chace is happiest when he gets to be active so he’s always running around! He loves sports and his favorite is definitely baseball! He likes to play center field so he can chase down pop flies or third base so he’s right in the middle of all the action. He’s enjoying more and more getting out on the water, he’s becoming an excellent swimmer and even learning to paddle a canoe!

He loves getting to go to the Boys and Girls Club so he can hang out with all his friends! There’s a ton to do there and he’s excited to try more stuff every time he goes. They have a ton of games he enjoys learning how to play! Chace is a big fan of dirt bikes and could ride those around all day long!

Chace would do well in either a one-parent home with support or a two-parent home without other children so he gets plenty of attention. He’s very active and hopes for parents who can keep up and who enjoy being in the outdoors as much as he does. He does best in a patient environment with parents who work at communication to make him feel included and supported. He hopes for parents who come to his sports games to support him in whatever he’s doing.

Hancock County

Birthday: May 2013

Child ID: 9670

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