Loves being held

Cashmere (9344)

There’s nothing better in the whole world than when someone picks you up and holds you, at least that’s what Cashmere thinks! He gets better everyday at communicating his wants and needs and one thing he wants all the time is to be near the family dog! Whether they’re playing together or just hanging out, it always puts a smile on Cashmere’s face. He will watch any tv you want, but his favorites are anything that has bright colors or cool shapes that move around!

Cashmere would do well in either a one-parent home with support or a two-parent home. He would love a forever home that came with brothers or sisters. Families need to be willing to take on any medical needs he may have now or in the future. He needs plenty of one-on-one attention and loves getting told he’s loved and cared for. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Lake County

Birthday: July 2017

Child ID: 9344

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