Playful brothers who make fast friends

Carlos & Jacobi (9387AB)

Whenever you feel like a real challenge, ask Carlos to play some video games! He’s a master at just about everything out there and he’ll give you a run for your money every time! He’s a good sport so even when he beats you, he’ll make sure you both still have a smile on your face. About the only thing he likes as much as video games is spending a day in the pool, he could be out there all day swimming around and playing games with his friends! 

If Jacobi could do anything all day, he’d definitely pick bike riding with his buddies! He loves spending time with his friends and especially loves getting to zoom around the neighborhood checking out all the cool sites! He makes friends wherever he goes so whenever you see Jacobi again, he’s probably got one, two, maybe five new friends since the last time he was around! He makes sure everyone around him is having a great time no matter what you’re doing!

Carlos and Jacobi would do best in a two-parent home as the only children so they get lots of attention. They will thrive in a home full of patience and support with parents who take an interest in their hobbies and activities. They hope for a family that likes to play games or do things outside together as a family. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Tippecanoe County

Birthday: June 2009, May 2014

Child ID: 9387AB

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