Mega-watt smile and a passion for sports

Ca'Rion (9168)

Check out that mega-watt smile! What gets Ca’Rion smiling the most, however, is his love of sports. He’s passionate about football and basketball. Not surprisingly, his favorite class in school is gym, but he says his best academic class is math.

He describes himself as a funny kid who enjoys watching movies and reading comic books. Rap music is his favorite to listen to, and he also enjoys playing Fortnite with his friends (if he isn’t playing sports, of course). Ca’Rion has goals of making the basketball team this year and attending college in the future. However, his life aspiration is to play for the NFL or NBA.

He’s a kindhearted young man who just wants a stable, loving family where he has both parents in the home and siblings around his age or older. He would love to be part of a family that enjoys traveling, and wants to visit Los Angeles or Las Vegas some day. Ideally, his forever family would enjoy sports and music, live in the city, and be open to letting Ca’Rion maintain relationships with his friends and siblings. He hopes whoever the family is, they are funny, active, and help him practice sports. Ca’Rion would like potential parents to know of him, “I’m athletic, I get good grades, and my room is never dirty.”

The family that would be best for Ca’Rion needs to be patient and understanding, and will need to allow Ca’Rion time to build a relationship and trust. Ca’Rion needs a family that is stable and consistent, and willing to show Ca’Rion patience with balancing structure and freedom. It would be best if the family had two parents, with a strong male role model. However, a single parent family would be considered. Ca’Rion hopes for an adoptive family with a mother and father who are African American.

Watch Ca’Rion’s segment on WNDU’s “Wednesday’s Child”

Allen County

Birthday: May 2007

Child ID: 9168

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