Wants a family that will spend time together

Camron (8826B)

Camron is a nice, thoughtful, playful, and funny guy. Social studies and biology are his favorite subjects. He is also learning Spanish, and enjoys it! He’s eager to go to college and become a therapist so that he can help people. Camron likes to play video games, is usually up for a quick game of flag football, and loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Camron says that what he likes most about himself is that he gets along well with pretty much everyone, and he’s laid-back.

Camron needs a loving and patient family. It is important he has consistency and stability in the family so he feels safe and loved. Camron needs to know that his adoptive family will always be there. He does well around animals and hopes to have a dog or cat in his adoptive home. Camron said he wants to take vacations as a family someday – especially to Florida – and he would enjoy being part of a big family that talks, hangs out, and plays games with each other.

Vanderburgh County

Birthday: December 2005

Child ID: 8826B

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