Loves dogs and the Denver Broncos

Cameron (8522A)

Cameron is an outgoing boy with a great sense of humor! He enjoys playing video games and watching movies. He likes going to the park, being outside, and playing basketball. His favorite football team is the Denver Broncos. He has a good vocabulary and likes math at school. Cameron hopes to have a dog in his forever home!

Cameron would do best with a two-parent family that is patient, intentional, mindful, and loving. He would benefit from having two adult role models who can show him positive coping skills and behaviors. Cameron responds well to consistency and structure. If there are other siblings in the family, it would be best if they were older than Cameron, and could be good role models for him. Cameron would benefit from parents who are able to help and encourage him to succeed in school. (8522AHC) Wayne County

Wayne County

Birthday: 10/17/05

Child ID: 8522A

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