Loves dogs and the Denver Broncos

Cameron (8522A)

This young man is eager to please! He’s a friendly guy and wants to make sure everyone is having a good time. For fun, Cameron could spend all day with his friends, shooting hoops, tossing a football, or playing video games. Cameron really likes sports, and his favorite football team is the Denver Broncos, and his favorite basketball player is Kyrie Irving. When he thinks about an adoptive home, Cameron hopes to have a dog! One of the best things about Cameron is his willingness to advocate for himself and others

Cameron would do best with a two-parent family who is intentional and loving. A family would help Cameron if they don’t get frustrated easily, will commit to Cameron, and will be patient as Cameron learns to trust them. He would benefit from having two adult role models who can demonstrate appropriate behavior and coach Cameron on his emotions.

Cameron responds well to consistency and structure. If there are other siblings in the family, it would be best if they were older than Cameron, and could be good role models for him as well. Cameron would benefit from parents who are able to help and encourage him to succeed in school. When asked about the type of family Cameron would like, he just wants a family that will love him.

Wayne County

Birthday: October 2005

Child ID: 8522A

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