A future leader

Caleb (9002)

Caleb is a leader inside the classroom and out! He makes friends easily and is always willing to help out those who need it. He has been in the Cub Scouts previously and hopes to continue that in the future. He loves art and creating things and you can often find him working on his drawings or creating intricate designs with his origami! He’s quick with a joke and enjoys making all those around him bust up with laughter.

Caleb enjoys the outdoors and is thrilled whenever he gets to spend time either camping or fishing! When it’s time to relax, he enjoys lounging around either listening to his favorite pop music or watching funny cartoons like SpongeBob SquarePants. He would love to have a home out in the country with some animals. He’s hoping for a family that likes to do activities together like playing board games or going to the library together. (9002) Montgomery County

Caleb's Family

  • Caleb would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent home, but he would prefer to have a forever home with a mom and dad.
  • Ideally he would be the only child in the home, or if there are children in the home they would need to be his age or older.
  • He will thrive if given firm, consistent limits and boundaries and if he’s shown a stable and loving home environment. 

Montgomery County

Birthday: August 2006

Child ID: 9002

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