Pokémon enthusiast looking for her next adventure

Brooklyn (8851)
Brooklyn is a kind and enthusiastic girl! What’s most exciting for Brooklyn is to meet new people and visit new places, as she is very outgoing and adventurous, and wants everyone feel included in her adventures. She’ll talk freely to everyone she meets, and is eager to tell others about happenings in her life.

One of her biggest interests is Pokémon! She loves Pokémon everything: YouTube videos about Pokémon, Pokémon cards, and Pokémon video games–she’s a big fan. Brooklyn adores animals, especially dogs and cats. Brooklyn is an explorer at heart, and enjoys activities like swimming or riding her bike, completing puzzles, and reading. Overall, Brooklyn is a loving and compassionate young lady, who is waiting for her next adventure! She hopes her adventures take her to Tokyo someday.

Brooklyn would thrive in a family where there is stability, structure, and routine. She would do well in a family where she is the youngest child, and can receive one-on-one attention. Brooklyn is excited to be in new home, with new people who allow her to be herself!

Green County

Birthday: September 2007

Child ID: 8851

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