Loves to laugh, and is motivated to succeed

Brooklyn (8574)

If you like to laugh, you’re in luck: Brooklyn’s favorite thing about herself is her sense of humor! This teenager is a real people person, and is all about being social. What’s also great about Brooklyn is she likes to help others, with some laughs along the way.

For fun, Brooklyn likes to shop, play board games, watch movies, draw, listen to music and sing (all with her friends of course). Writing and reading are Brooklyn’s favorite classes, and she is doing fairly well in school. Being a motivated individual, Brooklyn’s involvement in extracurricular activities has been great for her, and she really likes basketball and choir.


In Brooklyn’s adoptive family, it would be best if she were the youngest or only child. If the adoptive family were a single parent home, Brooklyn would feel more comfortable with a female parent. Brooklyn does well when there is routine, structure, and clear expectations. Brooklyn will need adequate supervision, as well as plenty of one on one time with the parent(s) to foster a familial bond. What Brooklyn wants most is a nice, supportive family that will love her unconditionally.

DeKalb County

Birthday: May 2004

Child ID: 8574

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