A natural-born athlete

Briestyn (8106)

Briestyn is an intelligent, funny, and energetic boy! Briestyn loves the outdoors, and doing activities such as riding bikes, jumping on a trampoline, and playing with animals. He also enjoys watching movies, listening to rap music, playing video games, and drawing.

Briestyn has natural athletic ability and enjoys playing football and basketball. Briestyn’s favorite football team is the Seattle Seahawks. He would like to play wide receiver on a football team in the future. He is eager to try new things, especially if it involves physical challenges or creativity! Briestyn has a wonderful sense of humor, and is compassionate and caring. He is an engaging young man who is full of life! (8106DD) Vermillion County

Briestyn's Family

  • Briestyn would be most successful in a two-parent home, with an extended family support system.
  • His family will need to provide close supervision and plenty of one-on-one attention.
  • He needs a family that is encouraging, strong, and patient to help him overcome his intense emotional and behavioral needs.
  • Would do best as an only child, or as the youngest child with an older sibling who can be a positive role model.
  • Briestyn needs parents who will show him unconditional love. 

Vermillion County

Birthday: 3/24/04

Child ID: 8106

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