He likes Nerf, she likes unicorns

Brian and Anna (9163AB)

What a ray of sunshine: Brian is a very outgoing kid with a wonderful personality and attitude, and could sure brighten your mood when you are having a blah day! This laid-back guy enjoys strumming his guitar or playing the harmonica. He’s a big fan of classic rock, and is a bit of an old soul. Brian has all kinds of hopes and dreams: He wants to play on his school’s basketball team. The Green Bay Packers are his favorite football team, and he wishes to go see them play someday. Mostly, he wants an adoptive family that lives out in the country and has a big enough yard and enough energy for some Nerf wars! 

Anna is creative and has a big imagination! Unicorns are her favorite things ever, and she likes to express herself with fun makeup or by making cool bracelets. She’s a people person, and delights in being in the spotlight. But don’t be fooled — she’s incredibly caring and always looking out for others. Anna loves sports and she’s played soccer, volleyball, football, swimming — she’ll play just about any sport there is out there! She’s a big fan of the outdoors and likes to spend a weekend camping, fishing, or going on hikes getting to experience nature.

Brian and Anna would do well in a single- or two-parent home. It would be best if the family is able to encourage their sibling relationship while also providing each child with one-on-one time and attention. They will thrive in a home with structure, support, and lots of love. They hope for a family that likes to spend time outdoors or just doing activities as a family. Interested families should understand the impact that trauma can have on children.

Dearborn County

Birthday: July 2007, August 2008

Child ID: 9163AB

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