Dance all day

Breyasia (9337A)

Breyasia is a funny girl who loves to laugh! She finds just about anything funny and if you can keep her laughing, you’ve got a friend for life. In school she loves gym where she can run around and be active, especially on days when they work on dance routines. She could dance all day!

Breyasia is very fashionable and has a pretty extensive wardrobe – she’s definitely a “shop till you drop” sort of young lady! She’s got big plans for her future and hopes to become a lawyer! She’s very sporty and likes to play basketball, volleyball, football, and of course wrestle (she’s very strong!).

Breyasia would do best in a two-parent home without other children. If there are other children they need to be older by a few years so she gets plenty of attention and support. She will thrive in a home with open, honest communication with parents who work to ensure they listen and understand her. She hopes for active parents who like to do activities together like sports or video games and who support her in everything she does. She has a brother with whom she is very close; that relationship should be encouraged and maintained by the adoptive family. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Vanderburgh County

Birthday: June 2008

Child ID: 9337A

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