Future professional athletes in the making

Brayden and Zayne (8916AB)

“Big into sports” is one way to describe these two! Brayden loves basketball (go, Golden State Warriors!), while Zayne prefers football. They enjoy playing sports and being outside together, and have a strong relationship. Brayden does well in school and makes the A/B honor roll – something he’s very proud of! He’s definitely an “explainer” – Brayden enjoys talking things through so that he fully understands a subject. That’s a skill that comes in handy for playing games like “Magic: The Gathering,” which he’d be happy to teach you to play. Zayne wants to be a professional football player some day, but he also really enjoys video games. He’s a funny kid who loves animals – especially big dogs like Huskies.

Brayden and Zayne would do well in either a one- or two-parent home with support, as they both adore one-on-one time. They would prefer brothers or sisters that are their age or older, so that they can play games together. Families should be able to express healthy emotions and openness, and model appropriate behaviors in a violence-free home. Both boys need stability, support, and patience, and will thrive if given proper mentorship by a forever family.

Elkhart County

Birthday: April 2006, March 2009

Child ID: 8916AB

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