Big love for the Indianapolis Colts

Brayden (9042)

Brayden is a sweet boy who loves to talk! He wants everyone nearby to be his friend and he’ll talk your ear off to make it happen! He loves being up and running around so can’t wait to play sports like basketball and football. If you ask him, he’ll tell you his favorite team is definitely the Colts!

He has a big imagination he uses to design his very own arts and crafts or to create beautiful paintings and colorings. Brayden adores electronics and loves to busy himself by playing on his tablet and listening to some of his favorite music! He is a quick learner and picks most things up on the first try.

Brayden would do well in either a one-parent home with support or a two-parent home, provided at least one parent is male (he does best with male role models). His team would prefer a forever family without other children, at least none younger than Brayden, and no pets. He will thrive in a stable environment with committed parents who can show him they won’t give up on him. Parents who can make education a priority are ideal. He needs an active family that likes to do things together. (9042) Hamilton County

Hamilton County

Birthday: August 2011

Child ID: 9042

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