Three brothers who look out for others

Brandon, Steven, and Buckley (9215ABC)

Brandon is natural leader who always looks out for his friends! He is protective of his friends and loved ones and looks out for the underdog whenever he can. He is very compassionate to the people he cares about and tries his best to ensure they’re always taken care of. Brandon is a big gamer and is happy to hang out playing video games all day: he’s got some serious skills! He likes animals and is hoping to find a career that involves looking after them in some capacity, and hopes to someday own a goat and live on a farm.

Steven is a young guy who has a ton of energy! He loves games of all kind but especially enjoys video games. He’ll play just about any game you put him front of him, he’s happy to try them all! Sports a big thing Steven cares about, and he hopes to play on a baseball team someday. Other things Steven enjoys are Minecraft and Christmas! In the summer, Steven is known to listen to his favorite Christmas songs. He likes to be a provider for people! He is very loving and kind to the people he cares about, and is always making sure they have everything they need. Since Steven is mature for his age, he prides himself on being honest and takes responsibility for himself.

Buckley is a playful boy who loves to have fun! Whether he’s outside taking advantage of a sunny day riding his bike around or hanging out inside working on building a cool world in Minecraft he likes to stay busy. He’s proud of the designs he makes in the game and enjoys showing them off. Buckley enjoys school and he works hard to maintain his good grades, he’s very proud of the work he does in math, he’s a real whiz! He loves animals and hopes to have his very own cat or dog. Like Brandon, Buckley wants to work on a farm someday, too!

Brandon, Steven, and Buckley would do well in either a one-parent or two-parent home and would do best as the only children. All three will need plenty of one-on-one time. They will thrive in a home with consistent rules and expectations that are clearly expressed. They need parents who will maintain firm boundaries and stick to them. Families need to be willing to take on any therapeutic needs the boys may have in the future. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Orange County

Birthday: 3/20/07, 6/21/10, 6/6/11

Child ID: 9215ABC

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