Eager to try new things

Blaze (9072)

Blaze is a sweet young man who loves making people laugh! He’s happiest when he gets to be the center of attention so he’s usually cracking jokes or getting up to something funny to make sure everyone’s having a good time! He is very respectful and always uses his manners, he’s the first one to grab a door to make sure it’s held open for everyone else. Blaze isn’t afraid of new things and he’ll give just about anything a shot: he wants to be sure that he takes every opportunity presented to him! He’s got a real fashion sense and always makes sure to stay updated on all the new trends, especially when it comes to shoes.

Blaze would do best in a two-parent home with supports to help keep up with his active lifestyle and would be thrilled to find a forever home with brothers or sisters. He will need one on one time, particularly during the transition, so parents who can make him a priority are ideal. Parents will need to show lots of patience throughout the transitional period. He thrives in an environment with structure and routine, particularly when it comes to his studies so parents who can keep him on track educationally would be best. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Vermillion County

Birthday: October 2006

Child ID: 9072

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