Quick to smile

Avery (8039)

Avery has a happy disposition and is quick to smile. He enjoys watching animals and spending time outside. He likes to sit at the window and watch the birds. Avery gets very excited to watch his foster family’s chickens and dogs. Avery loves to swing! He has a swing inside that he enjoys. He likes to put puzzles together and enjoys participating in home-based school. He likes listening to stories, and enjoys arts and crafts. Avery also enjoys music and watching TV programs. He especially likes to watch the Disney Channel. Avery loves to spend time with others. He is bubbly and a lot of fun!

Avery is a very sweet boy who needs a family that is committed to him and his many medical challenges. It would be beneficial to have a family that is familiar with parenting a child with special needs. Families with an excellent support network, and knowledge of developmental delays and medical needs are preferred. It would be recommended that the family be familiar with or willing to learn sign language, as this would allow the family to communicate with Avery. (8039) Allen County

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Allen County

Birthday: October 2008

Child ID: 8039

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