Easy-going guy who likes to play video games

Austin (8177B)

Austin is guarded when you first meet him, but once he opens up, he is friendly and inquisitive. He’s only joking a little bit when “lazy” is how he describes himself, but we think he’s just an easy-going teen, and he gets along well with others. Sitting around, playing Nintendo DS and watching movies are what Austin likes to do. But, he doesn’t look lazy when he’s shooting hoops!

Austin has big imagination! If he had three wishes, he would want to be super smart, immortal, and have a nice house. If you think that sounds a little bit like Tony Stark (aka Iron Man), you’re right! Austin likes all superheroes, but his favorite is Aquaman. If you like the beach, so does Austin, as he wants to visit to Hawaii someday.

Some of the best things about Austin are how once you get to know him, he is caring and likes to help out, as well as a little bit goofy! He’s persistent and curious, and not afraid to ask questions to understand something. He is looking forward to being adopted, and getting to know his adoptive family.

Austin really wants a forever family. He does well when there is structure, stability, and routine. It is important that he has adoptive parents who are patient, and want to spend time with him. Parents will need to be firm and consistent in response to his actions, but loving and accepting. It is important that potential parents understand trauma, and are open to training to dealing with trauma behaviors. A family that enjoys spending time together would benefit Austin, though it would be best if he were the youngest child in a home. Austin has a sister who he has a strong relationship with, and this should be supported.

Hamilton County

Birthday: April 2005

Child ID: 8177B

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