Always exploring

Aubree (9665)

Aubree is very caring and always looking out for the people around her! If she sees someone looking down or sad, she’s right there to ask how they’re doing and trying to cheer them up! She also loves looking after animals and her favorite chore right now is when she gets to go outside and brush the horses down. She’s an excellent rider and enjoys horseback riding or hopping in a horse-drawn carriage!

She can be a real leader and often takes charge when it’s time to play games or to find something fun to do. She makes sure all her friends are involved and having fun! That’s one of the reasons Aubree likes sports so much because that means even more friends to make. She likes basketball, volleyball, baseball, or just getting outside to explore!

Aubree would do well in either a one or two-parent home and would love a forever family that came with a couple siblings for her to play with. She prefers the country to the city and would especially enjoy a Caucasian family that either owns or has access to a farm, or just has a bunch of pets she can help care for. She will thrive with parents who can provide safety, stability, and who make her feel loved every day. She does best in a calm home with parents who work hard to show respect for one another.

Dubois County

Birthday: February 2013

Child ID: 9665

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