Peaceful girl who wants a mom

Ariana (9120)

Once Ariana warms up to someone, she is really outgoing and a loyal friend. Ariana is a curious child with a good sense of humor. She adores animals, so it’s no surprise that she loves the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. In the future, she hopes to have a pet dog (maybe name it Isabel) and become a veterinarian.

Ariana enjoys playing video games like Fortnite, and when she’s outside will shoot hoops or ride her hoverboard. In her downtime, she likes coloring, drawing, and playing on the computer. Making other people feel good about themselves comes easy to Ariana, and she has a positive outlook on life!

Ariana needs adoptive parents who are patient, compassionate, and who will make a lifelong commitment to her. She misses having a mom, and Ariana will need extended time to adjust to a new home and family. Adoptive parents will need to be invest in helping Ariana feel safe and secure and in time, she can open up to them and let them in.

Boone County

Birthday: October 2010

Child ID: 9120

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