Helpful and lovable brother and sister

Aquyla and Aquanis (8838AB)

Aquyla is a bright, confident young lady who describes herself as funny and smart. She is charming and outgoing and makes friends easily. For fun, Aquyla enjoys drawing and running – she’s very proud that she recently ran a 5K! When she needs some downtime, Aquyla will sit with a good book or journal. This teen loves pop music, especially Hailee Steinfeld, and dreams of becoming an actress someday. For now, though, she’s focusing on getting good grades this year. Aquyla believes her greatest strength is that she helps others.

Aquanis is a true gentleman with an easygoing spirit! He plays well with others, and enjoys everything from video games to basketball to LEGOs. Aquanis is an active kid, so it’s no surprise that his favorite subject in school is gym! Right now, he says his favorite movie is “Black Panther,” but he also really enjoys The Avengers series.  

Aquyla and Aquanis would do best in a loving family that can provide structure, safety, and stability. It is important that they are in a home where they have supervision. Potential adoptive parents must understand how trauma can affect children. (8838ABIA) Lake County

Lake County

Birthday: 8/9/06, 4/25/10

Child ID: 8838AB

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