Helpful and lovable brother and sister

Aquyla and Aquanis (8838AB)

Meet Aquyla and Aquanis, two of the kindest, most ambitious youth around!

Aquyla, who describes herself as funny, outgoing, and smart, is a confident young lady! She is charming, and makes friends easily. For fun, Aquyla enjoys drawing, cooking, and watching home improvement shows on TV. When she needs some downtime, Aquyla will sit with a good book or journal. For now, though, she’s focusing on getting good grades this year because she has goals to go to college and eventually, medical school. Aquyla believes her greatest strength is that she helps others – and she wants to continue helping by becoming a neurosurgeon!

While he might not admit it, Aquanis is a true gentleman! This sweet guy is inquisitive and respectful. He enjoys everything from video games to basketball to LEGOs, but prefers to spend the day inside. Aquanis is an active kid, and if you bring the right tunes, he’ll sing and dance! Right now, he says his favorite movie is “Black Panther,” but he also really enjoys The Avengers series. He’s a great student, and likes to learn new things.

Aquyla and Aquanis would do best in a family that can offer structure and stability to help these siblings feel safe and loved. It is important that this family provides consistency and affection so that trust can be established. For Aquyla, it is important that she has a family that will give her an opportunity to be a teenager. Aquanis thrives when there is structure and a routine. These two need a family that values quality time together, and will encourage Aquyla and Aquanis in their strengths and goals for their future.

Lake County

Birthday: August 2006, April 2010

Child ID: 8838AB

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