Always on the move

Antonio (9092)

Always on the move: that’s Antonio! Laser tag, trampolines, bowling, football, basketball — he loves it all, and enjoys getting out his energy! He’s also recently discovered a love of fishing, and thinks he might want to try camping some day. Antonio enjoys working with his hands, whether it’s making crafts or doing chores around the yard to earn his allowance. And he’s very goal-oriented, so having tasks to complete and getting to check them off his list is actually fun for Antonio!  

Antonio has an amazing memory and can memorize just about anything you ask him to! He’s also a pretty competitive kid, so he loves playing games where he can try his best to win (but he’s not a sore loser if he doesn’t — something he’s pretty proud of). He adores animals, and if you asked him to pick a favorite animal, he’d probably say dogs. Ask him to pick a favorite dog, and he’d say big ones!

Antonio would do best in a two-parent home or a single-parent home with support. It would be best if there are no more than two other children in the home; ideally, the children would be older by a few years, so that Antonio gets plenty of attention.  He would very much like to have an African-American male role model and mentor. He will thrive in a structured home with clear expectations and a set routine. Antonio hopes for parents who are kind and who makes him feel appreciated and helps his self-esteem. He has an older sister with whom he is very close; families should be prepared to help Antonio maintain that sibling relationship. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Vanderburgh County

Birthday: February 2010

Child ID: 9092

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