Fun-loving and funny

Anthony (8840)

If Anthony’s friends were having a bad day, he would tell them a joke to cheer them up! Anthony is a fun-loving kid who likes to stay busy. He is a funny and creative boy, and enjoys hands-on activities. Whether it’s riding his bike, swimming, or playing with remote control cars, he loves to spend the day outside! Anthony is very specific in some of his favorite things: his favorite food is Little Caesar’s sausage and pepperoni pizza, and his favorite animals are BIG wolves that are white and gray. The best thing about Anthony is that he is compassionate, affectionate, and super helpful!

Living in Indiana is handy for him as he loves playing outside in winter, and celebrating Christmas. And if you’re wondering what he wants for Christmas, Anthony is dreaming big: he wants a dirt bike or a four-wheeler! 

Anthony would do best in a family where he is the youngest or only child, with parents who have the time and energy to meet his needs. He thrives with one-on-one attention. As stability and safety are important in helping Anthony, a consistent, structured home environment is necessary. Anthony will thrive if he can receive the positive one-on-one attention that he needs.

Wells County

Birthday: January 2011

Child ID: 8840

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