Fun-loving and adventure-seeking

Anna (9266)

Anna is fun-loving and playful, with a keen sense of adventure and willingness to try many new things. Always up for exploring or doing something she’s not tried before, this inquisitive girl enjoys asking questions so that she can satisfy her curious nature. Her team describes her as vivacious and energetic, and a “friendly sweetheart with lots of love to give.” Because she’s so loving and outgoing, Anna can make friends easily, but sometimes needs to be reminded of boundaries and personal space. Quite perceptive for her age, Anna very much wants to feel as though she belongs somewhere and is loved unconditionally. 

Anna would do well in a two-parent home, or a single-parent home with plenty of support. If there are other children in the home, they should be older than Anna by several years. She thrives on a consistent schedule and clear expectations – the predictable routine and structure help Anna feel safe and secure. Parents should be able to provide plenty of one-on-one attention and patient supervision. Anna has experienced a lot of loss in her young life, and parents should be prepared to work through her grief with her. They should be well-educated in trauma-informed parenting and understand the impact trauma can have on children.

St. Joseph County

Birthday: December 2011

Child ID: 9266

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