Two high-achievers with lots of hobbies

Aniyia and Antonio (9110 and 9092)
Aniyia is a friendly young lady who likes all sorts of things! She does well in school and is proud to have made the honor roll recently! Band class is her favorite, and is learning to play the trombone – she’s getting pretty good! When not working on her music, you can find Aniyia at the bowling alley, maybe out roller-skating, or just walking around the mall with her friends. She is a motivated girl and is always trying to learn new things. For example, her cursive writing gets better every day!

Always on the move: that’s Antonio! He has an amazing memory and he can memorize just about anything you ask him to! He enjoys working with his hands whether it’s making crafts or doing chores around the yard to earn his allowance. Antonio is pretty competitive and he loves playing games where he can try his best to win, but he’s not a sore loser if he doesn’t. He loves animals and if he had to pick a favorite one he’d say dogs, and if he had to pick a favorite dog he’d say any big dogs!

Aniyia and Antonio would do best in a two-parent home without other children, but if there are children they should be older by a few years so these two get plenty of attention. They will thrive in a structured home with clear expectations and a set routine. They hope for parents who are kind and who make them feel appreciated and help their self-esteem. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Vanderburgh County

Birthday: July 2007, February 2010

Child ID: 9110, 9092

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