An introvert and her extrovert younger sister

Angel and Cheyenne (8972AC)

Angel is a friendly young woman who likes to be creative! She’s an introvert so she usually prefers solitary activities like arts and crafts, drawing, painting, or even making gooey slime. Once she warms up to people, she’ll welcome them to join her but she still needs some alone time now and again.

Angel is a big fan of the outdoors and enjoys camping, fishing, tubing, or kayaking! She likes music and you can often find her dancing around the house to her favorite pop tunes. She enjoys books and writing her own stories.

Cheyenne makes friends everywhere she goes — people are drawn to her warm personality. She adores the water and playing in splash pads or going for a swim. She has a big imagination and uses it when making her very own arts and crafts. She also likes to take her baby and Barbie dolls out for strolls around the neighborhood! Don’t ask Cheyenne what her favorite color is — she can’t decide! If she does tell you one, it’s going to be the rainbow because it has all the colors! If you gave her three wishes she’d make the most of them: she wants to be a queen, go to Disney World, and go to a water park!

Angel and Cheyenne would do well in either a one-parent home with plenty of support or a two-parent home. If there are other children in the home, these girls need to be the youngest and it would be best if they were the only children. They will thrive with firm, consistent boundaries and parents who follow through on what they say. They need structure and monitoring, with rules that don’t change. A rigid schedule is ideal. Families should be willing to accept any medical or therapeutic needs the children may have throughout their lives. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Wells County

Birthdays: October 2005, September 2008

Child ID: 8972AC

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