LEGO builder who loves sports

Andrew (9207)

The best day for Andrew, he says, is when he’s on his best behavior! For fun, Andrew likes to play with LEGOs, or discuss what he’s learned in science class. His LEGO creations are pretty impressive! He also likes nothing more than sitting down to watch NFL games with a fellow football fan. Writing is one of Andrew’s favorite classes, and he recently wrote a three-page haiku about a dog. Some of the best things about Andrew are that he is goal-oriented, athletic, and a loyal friend. He is quick to help out others, and help make things right. He likes helping people so much that he hopes to find a career in the military some day so he can spend his life helping people who need it (but, his backup plan is to become a professional ATV racer!).

The best family for Andrew will be trained in trauma-informed care. Andrew would do well with parents that are open-minded and have good decision-making skills. While he gets along well with other kids, Andrew has always benefited from close, one-on-one time with adults. Andrew would thrive in a home with few to no other children. He would do well in a structured environment with some flexibility, where the parents are family oriented. He would benefit from having a strong male role model. Andrew’s education should be a priority, and he should have some voice in his schooling.

DeKalb County

Birthday: May 2009

Child ID: 9207

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