A funny boy who enjoys games and helping others

Alixander (9073)

Alixander is a sweet boy who loves looking after people! From mentoring younger children who need help with school to doing chores around the house or serving snacks to guests, Alix always has other people’s best interests in mind. 

Before you know it, he’ll draw you in with a joke …and by the time you realize how many Alix knows (and how much he loves to tell them), it’ll be too late! You’ll be laughing along with Alix’s “hilarious” dad jokes, and waiting for more!

“Why didn’t the skeleton go to the ball?”…. “Because he didn’t have anybody to go with!”

Knock, knock….  Who’s there?…. The FBI…. The FBI who?…. We ask all the questions around here!”

Alixander enjoys staying active by shooting hoops on the basketball court or playing in the pool, he just learned how to swim! He’s a big fan of games and he’ll play just about any card or board game you give him. To relax he likes to curl up with a good book or pull out his LEGOs and design something cool.

Alix would do best in a two-parent home where he is the only child, so he can get lots of attention. Active parents who can keep up with him are ideal — and of course, you must have a good sense of humor! He hopes for a forever family that likes to play games and will let him experience all sorts of fun new things. Families should be willing to make education a priority. Alix appreciates when adults take time to learn about his hobbies and take an interest in what he does. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children. 

Tippecanoe County

Birthday: January 2009

Child ID: 9073

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