Witty, funny, and a little introverted

Alexus (9447)

Alexus is an expert when it comes to binging good TV! She knows all the best shows on Netflix and loves sharing them with her friends and loved ones. If you want something serious she can tell you the most interesting dramas out there; if you want something funny she’s got all the comedies to keep you laughing! This funny, witty, and sometimes introverted teen has a wide range of interests, from hanging out with her friends, to playing Dungeons & Dragons (she says she loves “nerdy games”) to working on her paintings. 

Alexus would do well in either a one- or two-parent home, although she has expressed a preference for a two-parent family. She would be happy to have a forever family that came with brothers or sisters, and she especially wants a family that has pets (or is open to getting them!). She will thrive in a home full of patience with parents who make communication a priority and give her a say in the decisions that impact her. She hopes for parents who take an interest in her activities and hobbies. Alexus has siblings with whom she is very close and wants to remain in contact. Interested families should understand the impact trauma can have on children.

Madison County

Birthday: March 2006

Child ID: 9447

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